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Stinson Hunter legally changed his name in 2013.

Stinson is the star and inspiration for the multi-award winning documentary “The Paedophile Hunter” Directed by Dan Reed.


‘The Paedophile Hunter’ has aired not only in the Uk but across the globe, gaining him a worldwide fan base.

Since his rise to fame Stinson has been a regular on the Tv, Radio, the Internet, and in the National Press, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers.

He is known for being controversial, courageous and honest.

Stinson has never shied away from his past, taking to the stage to talk openly about his life and how he became ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ in his debut show ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth‘ at The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham.

Stinson carry’s out his Investigative journalism to a high standard, with great camera presence, a high level of motivation and is incredibly passionate about any project he takes on.

His latest project is top secret at the moment, and he’s not giving much away other than it involves Tv and to expect something totally different to what he has become best known for, although he will continue to raise awareness of online grooming and Child abuse.

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Stinson Hunter in Stevenage

Stinson Hunter in Stevenage

This is Steve and last year he came to Chester to meet what he believed to be an underage girl,...

Stinson Hunter in Burton upon Trent

Stinson Hunter in Burton upon Trent

I am still waiting for feedback on this guy, the police haven't been very forthcoming with information...

Stinson Hunter in Tamworth

Stinson Hunter in Tamworth

This is Ian and last year he was caught by myself after he arranged to meet a 15 year old girl for sex...

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Stinson Hunter in Bolton

Stinson Hunter in Bolton

This is Steve and he was caught exchanging sexually explicit messages with a 14 year old girl...

Stinson Hunter in Swadlincote

Stinson Hunter in Swadlincote

This is Darren at the time of this meeting he was an IT inspector for the Police and Fire Service...

Stinson Hunter in Wolverhampton

Stinson Hunter in Wolverhampton

This is Paul and he is from Wolverhampton and last year he was caught attempting to meet a 13 year old girl for sex...



Stinson Hunter speaks out against internet trolls after sick threat to his baby son

Campaigner Stinson Hunter has hit out at online bullies after a sick troll threatened to rape his baby son. The Nuneaton crime fighter - who starred in the Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile Hunter last year – has said he will be less active on social media after dealing with months of vile




Stinson Hunter’s vigilante methods of catching sexual predators may divide opinion; but there is no denying that he has raised awareness of an issue we should all be concerned about. For those of you who have yet to come across the self-dubbed Paedophile Hunter, a man named Stinson Hunter