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A message from The Paedophile Hunter


I have been very quiet over the past year or so, privately working behind the scenes to try and bring you guys something special but as time went on and delays kept on hitting me I was left pretty numb with no real idea of where I really am trying to get to, I guess I had somewhat of an identity crisis – battling to progress away from an image I didn’t know what to do with, I rebelled against myself, I relapsed into a painkiller dependency, again, beat it, again, I felt so lost.

I approached production companies, news stations, other activists to try and get some of my ideas off the ground some weren’t interested, some stole my ideas and even after finding who I thought were the right people and entering deep into production it all fell apart and I was no further forward.

There’s little point going into the personal in’s and out’s and finger pointing as to why projects died a death mid production, some would argue it’s my absolute inability to compromise on something I wholeheartedly believe in or the fact I don’t take orders well and I don’t like being given ‘freedom’ to make a project my own only to have someone come in right at the end to bark orders at me that bare no relevance to the project – I have never compromised my integrity and I’m not about to start now and i’m not even sorry.

The Future…

So, to the future – I have two NEW Paedophile Hunter stings that will be uploaded in the next few weeks (regardless of any threats I may have received these videos WILL be uploaded) I am also planning on a series of new ‘Stings’ around the UK and the wider world once finances allow (Find Out Here For How You Can Help (click) as of now I have three areas booked and confirmed with myself and my team all ready for 2017.

My main focus is to get back out in the world and do what I do best which is get people talking, create controversy and not be afraid to be the voice for those that don’t feel like they have one.

I have another live show booked for 2017 and I am currently looking at booking more shows following the huge success of my previous one which you can watch it here: 

There will be a lot more posts about my investigations made available via my Facebook Page as well as more personal posts from myself, In 2017 I am making it a personal goal to be more active with my fans that I have recently, I am sorry about this and I will make it up to you, things just get a bit overwhelming sometimes.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, thank you in advance to anyone who Donates Here to help us reach as many places as possible, Thank you to everyone who has supported me through thick and thin and thank you to the true friends who have stuck around long enough without giving up – without you guys I would be pretty f*cked.

Stinson x