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Sunday – January 15th 2017

Hi, thanks for coming to check out what I am up to and why things are taking so long to ‘get done’ – I don’t want to go into too much detail surrounding the details regarding the delay in the release of the new ‘Paedophile Hunter’ sting videos, but I just wanted to write a little bit to update you all and to let you know as much as I can right now without being disrespectful to all the parties involved in the delay of the release of this new content.

When I say disrespectful I mean I want to get the full story out in one go and not just drip feed easily misconstrued short statements that certain fractions who are ‘against’ me could easily manipulate to their own agenda.

There are new stings.

What I will say for now is that in conjunction with the release of these new stings I will be releasing a full account of what has happened and why things have taken so long, I am working on getting all of my team in one place at the same time so we can get some content out that fully explains what happened, this ‘statement’ will be released in various formats and will be available for free for all to watch/listen/read – this includes the release of TWO new Paedophile Hunter stings, which will (despite other parties agendas) be released for free, possibly in a different way that I have before but they will be released.

The reason why, in brief, that these have taken so long is that there were at times 4 people filming, two that worked for an independent production company and two that were there to help me, employed (not paid) by me and had no involvement with anything to do with the production team, so, in order to respect the production team (despite my slight disappointment and upset in them) I am only using footage that was shot by myself or the people ’employed’ by myself which for someone like myself who isn’t a great editor – is proving very hard for me to ensure I am not including any face or video shots that feature the production team or any content shot personally by themselves.

Why am I uploading/sharing old ‘Paedophile Hunter’ videos?

The videos were always designed to raise awareness to parents and guardians of young children who are at risk of being groomed online – as I have new content coming out soon it felt like a good time to start reminding people what it was I started in 2009, why I started it and the results of my work, so that new people who may not have been aware have the opportunity to see how these vile monsters work, operate and STRIKE. It’s important we all share the content I post, you COULD be saving a child from serious sexual abuse.

There is a common misconception that I only made these videos to get people jailed but that was never the original goal, it was solely about shocking people into seeing what happens online and in reality.

I always said I would go to the wall for what I believe in and I think the next few months are going to prove that.

I don’t like falling out with people.

(Edited preview shot of upcoming footage)

I was really hopeful that this ‘project’ would work out how I had planned but sadly it didn’t, it became clear to me that the agendas of others I had believed were the same as mine were not, I feel hurt and let down and to a degree that is my own fault, but like I say I don’t want to give half a story without giving facts, because that’s what I have always been about, regardless of consequences I have always provided facts.

When are the new Paedophile Hunter videos coming out?

I have spent many weeks working hard with a few close people to get this new content out as quick as I can whilst avoiding potential ‘law suits’ or false copyright strikes on content filmed by people independent from the production company I was collaborating with, as there was no contracts signed between myself and any party I have had to spend time collaborating messages, emails and testimonies from people involved to back up my story incase anything happens to try and prevent this content coming out.

We are on track for March 22nd.

This is not an attack…

I will NOT be attacking people, I just want to get a full and accurate story of events out there as I feel that given certain behaviour by some involved in this whole debacle I may be attacked out of spite at some point – which is fine, but I will have my say.


We are launching a few exciting projects this year that I have been working on behind the scenes – hopefully some of it you guys will enjoy but I understand some of it may not be for everyones liking and I respect that just please remember that because I try different things it doesn’t mean I have forgotten those that have supported me – I just want to try new things to expand my horizons, I am fully independent and I intend on staying that way, I will NEVER work with another production company for TV again unless it is my own production company – everything from now until that point (at the very least) will be uploaded, online for FREE and I will NEVER charge a subscription to watch anything that I put out, I have tried for three years to get something out on the TV that justifies being seen and not just for ‘entertainment’ and have taken steps forward and millions back, I am slowly building a team of talented people to be able to produce content that delivers on all of the promises I have made.

I will remain 100% independent from now on.

I will do my best to update you all on other projects which I am linking in with the release of these new stings, thank you all for your continued support – if you want to find out how you can help please visit this link here HELP US

Thank You for your support. SH.JC.F!

Well, Have I got something exciting for YOU!

Update: 6/1/2017

Over the past few days I have been sorting through all of my previous work and uploaded them to YouTube – even if you have seen these videos before it is still important you share them – NEW STINGS COMING SOON!

The Paedophile Hunter Playlist




UPDATE 31/12/2016

Well that’s it, the utter personal hell-pit of 2016 is practically over – although this year has been very trying for me I cannot leave the amazing things that have happened to me this year.


I take each event, each day, each tiny moment as a lesson, as a test for the next stage – 2016 I have tasted failure pretty bad, to the point where I was ready to give up trying to get things off the ground, but i am not a quitter, I don’t stop something if I believe in it.



I have new PAEDOPHILE HUNTER stings coming out very soon – I am just agreeing terms with the two independent cameramen who volunteered their time to film the stings that were conducted by the former production company I was working with and once those terms have been agreed the content will be released – then it’s onto the next batch of STINGS – if you want to find out how you can help fund these please head here Click here to help out!

As we say goodbye to 2016 I want to wish you all an absolutely amazing new year – make it yours!


See you in 2017 – Stinson x



UPDATE 6/12/2016

I have been very quiet over the past year or so, privately working behind the scenes to try and bring you guys something special but as time went on and delays kept on hitting me I was left pretty numb with no real idea of where I really am trying to get to, I guess I had somewhat of an identity crisis – battling to progress away from an image I didn’t know what to do with, I rebelled against myself, I relapsed into a painkiller dependency, again, beat it, again, I felt so lost.


I approached production companies, news stations, other activists to try and get some of my ideas off the ground some weren’t interested, some stole my ideas and even after finding who I thought were the right people and entering deep into production it all fell apart and I was no further forward.

There’s little point going into the personal in’s and out’s and finger pointing as to why projects died a death mid production, some would argue it’s my absolute inability to compromise on something I wholeheartedly believe in or the fact I don’t take orders well and I don’t like being given ‘freedom’ to make a project my own only to have someone come in right at the end to bark orders at me that bare no relevance to the project – I have never compromised my integrity and I’m not about to start now and i’m not even sorry.

The Future…

So, to the future – I have two NEW Paedophile Hunter stings that will be uploaded in the next few weeks (regardless of any threats I may have received these videos WILL be uploaded) I am also planning on a series of new ‘Stings’ around the UK and the wider world once finances allow (Find Out Here For How You Can Help (click) as of now I have three areas booked and confirmed with myself and my team all ready for 2017.

My main focus is to get back out in the world and do what I do best which is get people talking, create controversy and not be afraid to be the voice for those that don’t feel like they have one.

I have another live show booked for 2017 and I am currently looking at booking more shows following the huge success of my previous one which you can watch it here: 

There will be a lot more posts about my investigations made available via my Facebook Page as well as more personal posts from myself, In 2017 I am making it a personal goal to be more active with my fans that I have recently, I am sorry about this and I will make it up to you, things just get a bit overwhelming sometimes.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, thank you in advance to anyone who Donates Here to help us reach as many places as possible, Thank you to everyone who has supported me through thick and thin and thank you to the true friends who have stuck around long enough without giving up – without you guys I would be pretty f*cked.

Stinson x